Clear and easy project management

More efficient and easier project management

Eezeplan helps you manage your projects more easily and efficiently. Thanks to the advanced user interface, operations are quick and you don't need any training.

Eezeplan is suitable for all types of projects.

Eezeplan is the best friend of the project manager

Already on the project front page you will get an idea of ​​the project situation and the tasks for which you are responsible. As a project manager, you also see information about events that pose challenges to the project.

eezeplan is also a great tool for the entire project team and you can invite partners, clients and other stakeholders to your project.

Easy project management
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Centralized project management

Creating timetables (1/2)

With Gantt view, you can easily visualize project steps.

Project management with Gantt

Creating timetables (2/2)

Treeview is an alternative way to view and create a project timetable. With treeview, you can add also incidents that may effect the timetable of the selected project phase.

Project management and treeview
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Document management 24/7

Always available. From anywhere. Safely

Document management

Keeping track of tasks is easier

Set assignments and deadlines for project members - and keep track of them.

Project tasks
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Project calendar

Share information regarding events with project calendar.

Project calendar


Discuss ideas, problems, and other project-related issues in the forum

Project chat