Document management

Better document management

Document management is one of the most popular features of eezeplan service.

Dynamic folder structure

Different types of projects have different needs and views on how to organize project documents eezeplan's service makes this possible.

Quickly add and update documents

Adding and updating documents is easy. You can add multiple documents at once by selecting or dragging them into your project. A list of new documents is also displayed on the project front page. In addition you can send an email bulletin for new documents.

Revision control

Document revision control ensures that project members always use the latest revision of the document. When a new revision (version) of a document is uploaded to the eezeplan service, the previous revision is hidden. However, previous revisions are available and can be downloaded from the document information.

Dokumenttien hallinta
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Event Logs

Event logs protect the project from disputes. The log information can be used to check who has viewed or downloaded the document. eezeplan automatically tracks and records project members' events.